Saturday, September 22, 2012

A lot of random stuff : )

Hey! So, I got tagged by Kassidy (my first tag! Yay!) Here are the rules that you have to follow:

1) Each person must list 11 things about themselves.

1. I'm in 5th grade.
2. I like dogs and polar bears
3. I LOVE Thai food.
4. I like writing
5. I LOVE AG dolls (kinda obviouse)
6. Everyone in my family has dark brown eyes, even my awesome dog, Buddy.
7. I love the color blue
8. I just got grey and white zig zagged curtains, which are awesome.
9. I am very short, as in shorter then everyone I know.
10. I like MUSTACHES : )
11. I love Gravity Falls.

Here's a picture, just 'cause I love it:

2) Answer the 11 questions sent to you by the blogger as well as 11 of your own. Oh, wow, this will be fun. 

1. What is your favorite sport? Soccer.
2. What is your favorite resource in school? Oh, um, I have no idea. Sorry.
3. What other doll brands do you like? I like Hearts for Hearts dolls (saving up for Nagji!) and Springfield dolls.
4. What's your favorite number? 8, 4, 3, and 2 : )
5. What's your favorite website? I really can't say, there are too many great ones!
6. Peaches or Apples? Definantley apples. I eat like 7 every day. I'm never going to the doctor. : )
7. Hunger Games or Candy Apple books? HUNGER GAMES!!!
8. Disney or Nick? Probably Disney, just because it has Gravity Falls.
9. Math or Reading? Reading. I'm horrible at math, and I really don't like it.
10. Do you like to sing or act? I love acting, but I'm not very good at singing.
11. Do you think these questions are cool? Of course.

Here are my questions for YOU PEOPLE to answer! I hope you like them!

1. Do you play an instrument?
2. What is your favorite season?
3. What is
4. What kind of music do you like?
5. Chocolate or vanilla?
6. What is your favorite AG doll ( out of the ones you have, or just any doll.)
7. If you could have any AG doll, which one would you pick?
8. What is your favorite school subject?
9. How long have you had your blog?
10. Why did you decide to make an AG blog?
11. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

3) Nominate 8-11 bloggers linking them to your post.

4) Go to their page and inform them of their nomination.

5) No tagbacks.

6) Only award people with under 200 followers.

I nominate...

Skylar- AmericanGirlFanClub.Blogspot

Asmita- AGgirlforever.blogspot

Dakota- Americangirlgarden.blogspot


Jordy- imnotcrazycrafts.blogspot

Rose- Lovingyouramericangirldoll.blogspot

The Spiceys

Tess and Maggie

AG Market- livelifewithyourAGdoll.blogspot

Phoebe- lovethatdoll.blogspot

Karen- Karenmomofthreecraft.blogspot

I really wish I could have nominated more people. Please don't feel sad if you weren't nominated, I might just not know about your blog. If you would like to be added to my blog list, just leave a comment asking me to check out your blog. I would love to see it!

On a sort-of related topic, thanks so much for my 9 followers! Thanks Kaitlynn and Charlie! We are so close to 10 that I can feel it! Thank you guys so much, for a while I was just about to give up blogging. I'm sorry about the lack of posts with pictures, some are coming soon!


P.S. Anyone know how to make a siggy?


  1. I know how to make a siggy! I was so confused with that at 1st! So you can go to and create a picture with your name on it. Then save to your compter! Then when you are making a post, you click 'add image' and find your picture and put it at the end of your post! :)

  2. Thanks for tagging me :) :) :) I know how to make a siggy on picmonkey,if you don't know how to make it well I can make one for you!

  3. Hi! I'm Annie from the AG fan MB! When are you gonna post again?

  4. Oh, wow, you're right Annie, I need to post again. I've been sick for four days, but maybe I can take some pics today? Thanks for commenting!

    You're welcome Asmita! I'm going to try my hand at a siggy (although, in MY hands, that could be a disaster) but thanks anyway!