Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Friend Molly's Doll Rooms

I am so sorry that I have not posted in so long!!! I hope that I can get back on schedule soon!!! Sorry if this post is differint then my others, I am typing on my Grandparent's computer. By the way, there is a day- long doll party/sleepover going on upstairs right now, my cousin Anna brought her dolls too. I have been wanting to share these pictures for a while, they are of the time my friend Molly and I made an American Girl doll house. Later, she added a lot to it. I think it is really cool and we hope you do too!

This is her doll Molly's (not Historical Molly, a JLY) bedroom. We decided on a color sceme of purple, grey, black and blue. This bed used to be Molly's doll bunk bed but we took out the second bunk and used it for Felicity's bed. I think this room turned out really pretty.

This is the top veiw of the bed part, with the peice of fabric that we used as a bedspread. The mattress for the bed was kinda frilly, so we covered it with a pillowcase.

The underneith of the bed is really cool. It looks like the perfect place for Molly to listen to music or make her own! I love the chair and the little table for her sterio, they are so fun!

Here is the side of the bed, which is really small but still big enough for a dress form and a little sequined table. I think this might be my very favorite room that we made.

The next room is the bathroom. It has a glass floor and a purple sparkly tub. The counter and the table are made of blocks, but one is covered in duck tape and the other has a bath towel on it, because we decided Molly does not like the whole "colored brick" look. The room has a lot of stuff in it.

This is the hugewalk in closet, which I think is from Our Generation but I am not sure, please correct me if I'm wrong!
I I might acually like this more then AG's. It has a ton of storage and a little vanity area.

This is the living room. I do not really know much about this because I did not acually build this room, but I like it so far.

This is Felicity's room, with the more soft, cool colors. I really like this room. By the way, the headbord was acually holding up the bed when it was a bunk bed. The bedside table was a Barbie dining table.

And last (this is funny, because I did these pictures in oposite, exept for one) but not least, the backyard. It has a hammock, a firepit, and some other stuff from Lanie's collection. Looks like Felicity and Molly are getting ready for a cookout!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Thanks Molly for sending them to me!

Thanks for reading, Addie

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