Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Post/Doll Bedroom

Hi, this is me, Addie, and I am so exited to say that this is the FIRST-EVER blog post on American Girl World!!! Lately I have been looking at AG blogs, and I really liked the idea. I asked if I could have one, and my parents said yes. I have been working really hard to make this website, and I am not done yet. But the box that said "No Posts Yet" was really bugging me, so I decided to write this post even though the blog is not done yet.

The first thing I wanted to do was show you my doll room. I have been working on it for a while just to make it look good.

The loft bed is made by Journey Girls, and I got it from Toys 'R Us. I had seen it at stores, but was not sure if it would fit my AG dolls. Then I saw it in a you tube video for an American Girl Doll House ( at jayasagworld) and it had this bed in it! That American Girl house was really cool!

Under the bed is the lounge area. This is really cool (the TV stand came with the bed). I have the bean bag chair away from the bed because my doll cannot fit under the bed while sitting in it, but it still works.

The fuzzy rug is Coconut and Honey's favorite place to sleep! I just found Honey today when I was looking for my long-lost AG doll Kit! So far, he has made friends with everyone!

This is the desk area. The desk attaches to the bed but if you prop it up right it can also stand alone. The storage space above the desk is very cool, I use it to store my doll's school stuff and nik naks. 

The electronics came with the bed, and so did the ladder. You get a lot for the cheap price! 

The bedding also came with the bed (of course). The mattress is not much of a mattress, but the bedding is very cute. I sewed the green pillow.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you like it! I will try to edit with a new post at least twice a week, so check back on Monday!

                                                      Thanks for reading, Addie


  1. Addie,this blog is so cool! I love it!!!!

  2. Addie, I like your blog and hope to have my own someday that I can send to you.
    Love, Anna Vannoy

  3. Addie! This blog is really great! I love your pictures! Anna and I really enjoyed looking at it. You are so creative! What a special girl you are! We love you so much!!!