Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sneak Peek

I guess its that time of year already... boy, I'll miss summer so much. It's 90 degrees here and AG is already posting pics of dolls wearing snow coats and sledding. AG posted this on their Facebook page:

I'm already shivering... I like summer MUCH better then winter! And that's a really small lake : ) The chalet is cute, and I like the concept and the fact that AG has started making "rooms", like Caroline's,(Who, BTW, is coming in 4 DAYS!!!!) but it looks small and not very sturdy. And the bench is completely out of scale. Who uses a bench that only comes up to their knees? Cute concept, but it's not really working for me, ya know? The doll inside the chalet is adorable. Oh yeah, that's Chloe. She looks great in pigtails (goes upstairs and fiddles with Chloe's greasy hair for an hour, then accepts defeat.) How in the world does AG do it? The outfit she is wearing is not at all cute, however. It looks like her mom forced her to wear her older sister's coat and no shoes. Or are those shoes on the snowboard, which is adorable? Moving on. The outfit on the doll next to the chalet is really cute, but a little too white for my taste. It looks like she is wearing a sweater with her skirt, which is SOOO cute! I would just pair it with jeans and those boots and earmuffs, or maybe a jean skirt. And the doll next to her, either 27 or 22, wearing the adorable skating dress. Now, I don't know much about figure skating, but why is she wearing a performance dress on a frozen lake with her friend? Isn't it, like, for actual  performances?!! : ) But the cute doll with the short brown hair and side bangs has a much cuter outfit. It reminds me of the AG outfit with the blue shirt and grey pants. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather ice skate in that then a dress. My knees would get all bruised up, since I'm not very good at ice skating. Finally, I would like to say that AG's sets always amaze me. Snow and all the little tiny trees. It's so cool!!!!!

Sincerley, Addie 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Julie's New Hair (Okay, not really new...)

So, remember how I have been complaining about how messy Julie's hair was ever since I started American Girl World? I had always wanted to do something about it, but I kept putting it off. I wanted to rewind her, but I had no idea how.  My mom suggested that we take her to the good ole' American Girl store to ask the workers at the Salon if we would have to send her in to the Doll Hospital to get her a new head, or if they could fix her hair. And............They did, in only an hour! We asked for her hair to be put in the traditional Julie hairstyle, with one braid on the side. And just to warn you, these photos are horrible, taken with an iPhone in the store's bad lighting, and really small.

Ugh. Fly aways everywhere.

And After.
Wow, these people work wonders!

It was really interesting watching them work on Julie's hair. First they spritzed her hair with water and brushed it out with a regular brush. Then they used a toothbrush on her hair (I hope it was clean. Julie does smell a bit minty...). They even trimmed her hair a little at the ends! I had once done that with Olivia, but never with an AG doll. It looked really great, and only cost 18 dollars. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Katniss Barbie Doll and Decisions.

Hello everybody! I know, I said I wasn't going to leave for 2 weeks again. I went on vacation, and now, looking back,  I guess I should have said something. I'm really, really sorry. Ok, moving on. This is not really AG related, but I just got home. I will take some pictures for a longer post really.

A few months ago, I saw a picture of this doll, and I loved her so much. I had just finished reading the Hunger Games, and this doll is awesome. She has a new face mold instead of a regular barbie one, and her face is stunning. She is a pink label doll that will cost you 34.99 and will likely go for tons on Ebay after she is sold out. I guess I could buy her with the money I won in the lottery, but I am buying 28 or 40 (yaaaay!!!). But when I went to Toys R Us and saw her, she was not as awesome in person and I did not feel compelled to buy her. I mean, she was a pretty doll, but she did not look like Katniss, and I don't really like Barbies. I would have bought a Katniss. But not this doll. What I would love to do is make a custom Katniss doll, but I can't.

Ok, this is off topic, but which doll should I get, 40, 28, or Josefina? I love all of them, and they would all make my collection more unique. I will be putting up a poll, so please vote. Also, if you have these dolls, please tell me in the comments how you like them!!!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Caroline Abott

Hola people, Caroline has been coming up on Google images! I had already seen the picture of her on Doll Diaries, but now pics of her collection have been coming up. Caroline's collection is very different for AG.

See what I mean? A boat. Wow. This is cute, but the boat looks really small, like even shorter then the doll. The size makes it look a bit silly, in my opinion. And from the picture, it looks like it's made of plastic. Ugh. More plastic, American girl? And I'm sure that this is going to be like 200 dollars, even though it probably costs a few dollars to make in some factory in China. And yes, all AG items are made in China. And anyway, you couldn't actually use it, because the doll would probably fall in the water. Cute idea, Ag, but not very functional. Ugh, I spent way to much time on that. On to the dress. Ah, the dress. It is sooo pretty!!!! It looks like It has a little jacket on top of the dress, with little buttons. From the photos we have seen so far, It looks like Caroline will be coming from a wealthy family, so she will have lots of pretty dresses : )

Wow. Wow. Wow. This is just awesome. I love the pretty color scheme, and it looks so detailed. I love the window seat, and I hope that the drawers will open, so you can store stuff in it. I just love everything about this. Except ( you knew this was coming, right? I thought so. ) for the fireplace. From what I can see, it looks like a painting, and not even a very good one? Couldn't AG have made the fireplace real? I mean, even the Journey Girls one is better. American Girl is supposed to be about detail, and historical accuracy. Now, it seems like all its about is the money, not the girls. This makes me really sad. Really, really, really sad The dress, however, is pretty cool. So far, I think I like Caroline's beautiful clothes more then her ... uh, boat and parlor. The only good thing I can say about it is that it seems like a room, and AG may make more of these. That would be really cool.

And this is Caroline. I love, love, love her! Some people have said that she looks too much like Lanie, but She has longer hair, and if you look closely, (sorry that this pic is so small, but still) she has very pretty green-grey eyes. Anyway, Lanie is retired, and some people may actually want a doll that looks like Lanie. I love this. People have also said that she is just the typical blonde with blue eyes, but this is not true. AG actually only has one Historical doll with blonde hair and blue eyes, Kit. I think that people just think that because they expected Caroline to be a redhead. Her dress, however, does look way too much like Felicity's summer dress.  Caroline has the classic mold, and a doll with this mold has not been made for a long time. I just love this doll so much, and she may become part of my doll family someday. Caroline will be available in stores on September 4th.