Monday, February 27, 2012

Yesterday, my mom sent an email to the Neighborhood Coffee group, asking them if they had any AG stuff they wanted to give away/sell. So far we have one response, someone selling AG books. Yay! I would love it if someone wanted to sell (a Retired GOYTs, (b Felicity, and (c Elizabeth. My favorite GOYTs are Marisol, Mia, Chrissa, Lanie, (but I loved her clothes and stuff more!) Kanani, and McKenna (of course!). If someone was selling one of those dolls/their stuff, that would be great!!! Hey, maybe someone will. This email has only been sent for 24 hours! Sorry this post is so short, I hope I can make a longer one later!!! Again, I just wanted to thank Molly for sending in those photos that we had so much fun making!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Friend Molly's Doll Rooms

I am so sorry that I have not posted in so long!!! I hope that I can get back on schedule soon!!! Sorry if this post is differint then my others, I am typing on my Grandparent's computer. By the way, there is a day- long doll party/sleepover going on upstairs right now, my cousin Anna brought her dolls too. I have been wanting to share these pictures for a while, they are of the time my friend Molly and I made an American Girl doll house. Later, she added a lot to it. I think it is really cool and we hope you do too!

This is her doll Molly's (not Historical Molly, a JLY) bedroom. We decided on a color sceme of purple, grey, black and blue. This bed used to be Molly's doll bunk bed but we took out the second bunk and used it for Felicity's bed. I think this room turned out really pretty.

This is the top veiw of the bed part, with the peice of fabric that we used as a bedspread. The mattress for the bed was kinda frilly, so we covered it with a pillowcase.

The underneith of the bed is really cool. It looks like the perfect place for Molly to listen to music or make her own! I love the chair and the little table for her sterio, they are so fun!

Here is the side of the bed, which is really small but still big enough for a dress form and a little sequined table. I think this might be my very favorite room that we made.

The next room is the bathroom. It has a glass floor and a purple sparkly tub. The counter and the table are made of blocks, but one is covered in duck tape and the other has a bath towel on it, because we decided Molly does not like the whole "colored brick" look. The room has a lot of stuff in it.

This is the hugewalk in closet, which I think is from Our Generation but I am not sure, please correct me if I'm wrong!
I I might acually like this more then AG's. It has a ton of storage and a little vanity area.

This is the living room. I do not really know much about this because I did not acually build this room, but I like it so far.

This is Felicity's room, with the more soft, cool colors. I really like this room. By the way, the headbord was acually holding up the bed when it was a bunk bed. The bedside table was a Barbie dining table.

And last (this is funny, because I did these pictures in oposite, exept for one) but not least, the backyard. It has a hammock, a firepit, and some other stuff from Lanie's collection. Looks like Felicity and Molly are getting ready for a cookout!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Thanks Molly for sending them to me!

Thanks for reading, Addie

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Doll

Sorry that I could not post yesterday, I was really busy. I went to the AG store and wanted to share photos of the new AG doll I got. I split the price with my mom but she bought me a hairbrush, So McKenna's I mean, my doll's hair would not get so messy as J's is.Sorry for the quality of these pictures, I was using an iPhone.

So here they are...

Can I just say that it was really hard picking an AG doll out of all of the great ones. But I finally picked a doll. Her name is...

McKenna!!! I am so exited to add McKenna to my dolly collection, and I hope that her hair will stay beautiful forever. Here she is on my bed, with Julie (You can see how messy her hair is!). McKenna is so pretty, and her hair feels like corn silk. I just love her meet outfit!

Here is Ms. McKenna in my loft bed. She is sitting with Julie's doggy Woof Woof. I just love McKenna!!!

Sorry that this post was so short, I have to leave soon. By the way, McKenna and Julie are going on vacation with me, and want to know what to do there. What do you and your dolls like to do on vacation? 

Thanks  for reading, 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have really been wanting a new doll lately, so after a lot of hours spent trying to decide which doll to pick, I came up with three options. I thought it would be fun if you guys would help me decide.

This is the first option, McKenna! I love her outfit and her eyes! I also think her hair is really pretty. It looks a tiny bit like my real hair. Her dress and leggings looks like they are really soft.

This is a close up of McKenna. Her hair is so long and looks really soft. One problem I always seem to have is that my doll's hair gets really messy, especially Julie's. I can't brush her hair anymore because my mom uses my doll hairbrush to brush my dog Buddy's fur. 

The second option is this My American Girl Doll, who actually looks exactly like me! I'm not sure about this doll, because McKenna will only be available for a little while and this doll will probably be available for a while.But I do like her. It might be fun to have a modern-day doll.

This is my third and final choice. I love Cecile's hair, eyes and all of her outfits. I love the teal color and I think this outfit perfectly matches this doll.I have not read any of her books yet, but her story sounds really good. I would love to buy Cecile.

Cecile again. She is just SO pretty!!! I love the hair ribbons!

So, what doll do you think I should pick? Do you have any of these dolls and would you recommend them? And if you have any other dolls that you suggest, please let me know!

Thanks for reading, 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hi, I just wanted to share a cool website I found! It is called Today's Doll Clothes for 18 Inch Dolls. It has modern and traditional clothes for many kinds of 18 inch dolls, including American Girl Dolls! I thought that I would share my favorites with you.

This is called the Time for Fun outfit, perfect for going to the movies! I love all the flowers on it, they make it even better. The bag is also really cute, I would love this outfit for my dolls.
This is Lanie showing her Red Plaid Skirt Set! The skirt reminds me of something my sister has, I just love it.
I think the scarf looks really good in Lanie's hair, and I love how all of the outfits come with bags.

 I love this outfit! It is the Pretty in Pink outfit, and I love it! My dolls would love it for Valentines day tomorrow, but sadly I already used my money to buy a new doll outfit from AG on Sunday. The striped tights and shirt are adorable!

Now for the Historical clothes...

This is the Baking Time outfit. I think it is really cute! It is Swedish-style, and would fit Kirsten's time period well. I think the apron is a nice touch!

Such a cute outfit for Molly and Emily! I think Molly looks great in blue, most of her stuff is red! I also love the bags for this outfit.

This is the New Year's Outfit, the perfect Chinese New Year outfit for Julie and Ivy! I especially love the dress but, then again, I love all things turquoise. Sadly, the dress is not available anymore. I also really like Ivy's fan.

Thanks for reading! I hope you  liked the clothes as much as I do!
Sincerely, Addie


Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Post/Doll Bedroom

Hi, this is me, Addie, and I am so exited to say that this is the FIRST-EVER blog post on American Girl World!!! Lately I have been looking at AG blogs, and I really liked the idea. I asked if I could have one, and my parents said yes. I have been working really hard to make this website, and I am not done yet. But the box that said "No Posts Yet" was really bugging me, so I decided to write this post even though the blog is not done yet.

The first thing I wanted to do was show you my doll room. I have been working on it for a while just to make it look good.

The loft bed is made by Journey Girls, and I got it from Toys 'R Us. I had seen it at stores, but was not sure if it would fit my AG dolls. Then I saw it in a you tube video for an American Girl Doll House ( at jayasagworld) and it had this bed in it! That American Girl house was really cool!

Under the bed is the lounge area. This is really cool (the TV stand came with the bed). I have the bean bag chair away from the bed because my doll cannot fit under the bed while sitting in it, but it still works.

The fuzzy rug is Coconut and Honey's favorite place to sleep! I just found Honey today when I was looking for my long-lost AG doll Kit! So far, he has made friends with everyone!

This is the desk area. The desk attaches to the bed but if you prop it up right it can also stand alone. The storage space above the desk is very cool, I use it to store my doll's school stuff and nik naks. 

The electronics came with the bed, and so did the ladder. You get a lot for the cheap price! 

The bedding also came with the bed (of course). The mattress is not much of a mattress, but the bedding is very cute. I sewed the green pillow.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you like it! I will try to edit with a new post at least twice a week, so check back on Monday!

                                                      Thanks for reading, Addie