Friday, December 28, 2012

Saige and other things

By the way, these are NOT my pictures, they belong to AG. 

So I bet you guys have all seen AGOverSeaFan's video of Saige's collection. And for me, it's a mixed bag.
Saige is adorable. I LOVE her. I just wish she didn't have blue eyes. I mean, I JUST got Olive, who has blue eyes. And actually, besides Rachel, all of my dolls have brown eyes or blue eyes. I need more diversity in my doll collection. 

So this is what I think of her collection:

Doll: SHE'S SO CUTE! I LOVE HER RED HAIR! She's not SUPER realistic, but defiantly cute. She could be Olive's sister if I get her. 

Meet dress, boots, and ring: That dress, which I think might actually be a shirt and a dress, is ADORABLE! So are those boots. I used to have ones like those that were grey, and my friend Molly has the same ones now. That ring is awful. SO plasticy (not a word) and fake! AG should really try to do better. I mean, if we're paying $105 dollars for these dolls, I at least want the ring to look good. Sorry if that annoyed you, but it's my honest feelings. 

Pink dress and boots, which I assume is her fancy dress: I REALLY dislike this.Seems too over-the-top for a nine year old. The boots remind me of these, which are meant for FIFTEEN YEAR OLDS. I don't like this outfit at all.

Pink shirt, belt, jeans, and boots: The shirt is okay, but... this looks like Nikki to me. I mean, I think AG could be more creative. The boots and belt ARE cute, though. I LOVE black boots, but I don't think I'll buy this outfit just to have them. 

Pajamas: Umm... well, you can't criticize it for not being unique, like with Kanani's pajamas, but it's ugly. Nothing matches at all. I mean, I guess it might be useful for mix-and-matching, but as an outfit in a whole, I dislike it. There. I said it. If I get Saige, I'll have her dress in the coconut pajamas.

Outfit with the sweater: My favorite of the whole collection. Works for a nine year old, but is very sophisticated and artsy. Saige is artsy. A grey shirt and leggings, sandals. Good for mix-and-match, but all cute. 

Wow, this has been my longest post for a long time! I have to go on vacation now, but the second I get home, I'll post. Promise!
See ya!  

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