Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is Molly being retired next?!!

I have been hearing some rumors that the historical doll Molly may be retiring soon!!!! :( This is so sad! I think this because I remember reading that a new AG historical doll will be released this year, so AG might decide to RETIRE one of the dolls. Also, Molly was one of the original dolls to be released by Pleasant Company (the other dolls that were were Samantha and Kirsten) so now it is Molly's turn to go. And last, I have heard on some websites that Molly may be retiring soon!!!! :( My little sister was looking forward to getting Molly this year for her B-day (her first AG besides some old Bitty Twins that used to be mine when I was her age). I hope that Ag does not retire her (and Emily, too!) soon!!!

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  1. I am SO sad that Molly is leaving-she is my favorite doll. They really shouldn't retire her...