Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My doll edits!

So, hey you guys! It's been a while, right? But you know to expect that from me.  I've been sick since Thursday, so I just spent today randomly making doll edits on Pic Monkey. BTW, have you checked out the Halloween things on there? They are really fun. I especially like the vampire. Chloe makes an excellent one, as you'll see later : )  But first, I have to thank all twelve of my followers! The giveaway will be coming soon as possible, and I really hope that you guys like it!

So here are my awesome edits... (I bet you all can't wait to see them, riiiight?? 'Kay.)

I bet you've all wondered what Chloe would look like as a witch, right? Or maybe as Shrek? Well, me neither. But she does look really cute like this. Halloween costume idea... (I can't wait for Halloween! I'm going to be a HOMEMADE RUBIX CUBE! Yep, I'm bringing back the '60's : )

I edited 24, since I've always liked her, and I just went crazy on her hair. Looks a bit unnatural, but I guess she's just not a subtle girl. And her eye darkening looks nice.

She does look great as a vampire, doesn't she? A little scary, but that's the point.  I should have done something to her lips with lip stick or something... you know, 'cause vampires don't really have pale lips? Maybe I'm over thinking it?

This is probably my favorite edit of today, she just looks natural. All I did was add the streak and darken her eyes a bit. This doll is pretty and dramatic enough to look terrific like this.

Although it has a bit of competition with #40... this is when I finally learned how to change the shirt color lol. Can you tell that her hair is darker? Now it is more black then black-brown, which I think I might like better.

As you can see, I named her Kennedy. I died her hair a little red, just a little. I think she looks pretty good, though! And I had one more edit...

McKenna! Oh my gosh, I just love her eyes! And her dress matches them so perfectly...I love it! I was thinking about giving her a heyleight, but she doesn't need it, she already looks interesting enough.

So I hope that you enjoyed my doll edits! Do you like editing doll pictures?


  1. Love them! McKenna looks SO good!

  2. Thanks! I love how McKenna looks, too!