Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Doll

Sorry that I could not post yesterday, I was really busy. I went to the AG store and wanted to share photos of the new AG doll I got. I split the price with my mom but she bought me a hairbrush, So McKenna's I mean, my doll's hair would not get so messy as J's is.Sorry for the quality of these pictures, I was using an iPhone.

So here they are...

Can I just say that it was really hard picking an AG doll out of all of the great ones. But I finally picked a doll. Her name is...

McKenna!!! I am so exited to add McKenna to my dolly collection, and I hope that her hair will stay beautiful forever. Here she is on my bed, with Julie (You can see how messy her hair is!). McKenna is so pretty, and her hair feels like corn silk. I just love her meet outfit!

Here is Ms. McKenna in my loft bed. She is sitting with Julie's doggy Woof Woof. I just love McKenna!!!

Sorry that this post was so short, I have to leave soon. By the way, McKenna and Julie are going on vacation with me, and want to know what to do there. What do you and your dolls like to do on vacation? 

Thanks  for reading, 

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