Monday, March 19, 2012

My Birthday Wish List

Hi its me Addie sorry I haven't posted in so long I have been SUPER busy, but before I show you the pics of my new doll and the tote bag I made, I decided to make a doll wish list, showing what I would like to get for my birthday coming up in about a month. So here they are and it is highly unlikely that I will get all of these things because my doll wishlist is MILES long.

So, my wishlist...

Augghh, how did this picture show up instead of the Josefina one? Well anyway, Josefina is so pretty and her face mold is so unique, and I like Molly and Ivy too.

The Dreamy Daybed
One of my favorite things about my dolls is their furniture. I mean, it's just so cute. This bed is my favorite, its like mine.

Julie's birthday dress

 This dress is one of my favorites of Julie's whole collection ( except maybe for some retired stuff)

School Desk set
I have been wanting this for a long time, so when I FINALLY saved up enough money for it, I was ecstatic. Now I can't WAIT to go to the AG store!!! We live a few minutes away from one, so my parents decided that we would go once a week and I could spend money I had earned or saved from past months, so I will be there lots!!! : )

Yes, I still want this doll along with Cecile. I decided that her name will be Allie. I'm kinda pretending that she's a GOTY, so I picked a meet outfit for her and a few that you can buy additionally...

Meet outfit for Allie

Her Skateboarding outfit
( Actually, I think that the doll in this pic is Allie)

Her Pajamas

And Her Fancy Dress

Oh, and ALL of McKenna's collection, except maybe her bed and rain set. So, what do you think of my wishlist? Do you like Allie? I will try to post more regularly from now on.

Thanks for reading,

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