Monday, March 5, 2012

The Move

Julie and McKenna have been in a decorating mood lately and have been wanting to decorate their room. They made a bunk bed, but it would not work in their room so they moved under my desk. Their new room is very small-basically, the only thing in it is the bed- but they love it!!! Here are some pictures of McKenna and Julie enjoying their new bedroom! In the pics, McKenna is wearing a retired outfit from AG that I think looks just GORGEOUS on her!! You can learn more about her outfit in Project Dollway, which I hope to publish on Thursday. But, I am getting off subject. Here they are, the pictures...(I just checked AG playthings, and it is called the Sapphire Party Outfit. Funny...I had no idea that the shirt had to go under the dress.)

Here are Julie and McKenna in their new room!!! It is under my desk. We made it using the box McKenna came in, 2 bulletin boards, a shelf from my closet, 2 "mattresses", and 2 pillow cases. 2 of the pillows are from my loft bed, and the other is from the retired sleeping bag set from American Girl. We worked really hard on this room, we hope you like it!

McKenna on the top bunk, which she insisted on having! I think Julie (who is a little scared of heights) was okay with that though. McKenna has a poster from the new American Girl magazine. These photos do not really show the dress very well, sorry!

And here is Julie on her safe bottom bunk. She has the AG poster, which as you can see is much larger then the Journey Girls one. The bedding is a large square pillow case folded in half, like McKenna's. Julie is so happy that she will now be able to pin up pictures on her giant bulletin board!!!

This is Julie showing off the bunk beds while McKenna rests from her big gymnastics award ceromony. You can see the photo box that holds up the bed. She is ready for the sleepover, but it is not until tomorrow. Poor Julie.

I hope you enjoyed these photos, we had fun making them!!!

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