Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random 2

Well, another totally random post. I guess I'll just divide everything into categories. 

I probably won't be able to post for the next few days. I'm going to New Jersey for my dad's high school reunion. I'm really sorry about not being able to post.

My Birthday is coming up! It's in a few days and I am really exited! I hope that I will get some AG stuff, but what ever I get will be great!

The number 10. I't's such an important number. I mean, like everything is 10. 10. 10. 10. 10. Also, 10 is great for math because it ends with a zero. So simple, riiight? I decided to post 10 facts about myself here, because I'm in a random kind of mood.

1. I just ate rainbow sherbet ice cream.

2. Today was my dog's birthday party. I got him a stuffed dog toy, a free homemade dog food sample, and a muffin that we bought at our dog bakery. Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you!

3. I love the color blue.

4. Kirsten kind of creeps me out. I don't know why, she just does. I'm really not trying to offend any Kirsten fans, it's just my opinion.

5. I love, love, LOVE the Hunger Games! I read the first book in less then two days, and then I was HOOKED!!! I really want to start a Hunger Games website with my friends! ( Don't worry, I could do 2 blogs!

6: I love soccer. I play on a team with some of my friends, and we are the Killer Gummy Bears ( awesome name, riiiight?)
7: My friends and I are going to make a website for our little brother's baseball team.

8. I loved reading McKenna, and I can't wait to read McKenna Shoots for the Stars! I hear that it has horses... I love horses!

9: I really like the TV show Good Luck Charlie. I like the episode where PJ and Gabe think that Mrs. Dabne murders her husband and try to "investigate"

10: I love dogs, especially cocapoos (that's Buddy's breed)

Thanks for reading, 

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