Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Yeah, so I wanted to post, but I couldn't really think of anything. So I decided to talk about the GOYTs that Ag has made over the years. Random, yeah. I know. Don't criticize me. All of these photos belong to American Girl. I apologize for the tiny side of these pics, but if I make them bigger, they get all blurry.

This is Lindsey, girl of the year 2002. I don't really like Lindsey. Her story was OK, but her outfit is kinda... weird looking. It's a little babyish. I like Lindsey's personality, but her collection was small. And her dog was never even made! A daunshend ( I know, I spelled that completely wrong. Sorry, I'm kinda tired. ) would have been awesome!!! Because Lindsey was not very popular, AG stopped making a GOYT for a year.

This is Kailey, girl of the year  2004.   Kailey was awesome! I have not read her book, but the story sounds really cool. Her meet dress is kinda ugly, but the doll herself is awesome. She reminds me a bit of Julie, but also has no part like McKenna. Her collection is pretty cool, too.

Marisol Luna, girl of the year 2005, is soo pretty! She looks a lot like 28, the doll that I will be getting next. Marisol's story centers around dance, and if you go here, you will see that her outfits are just stunning. The thing is, I should never buy her. I'm horrible at taking care of curly harired dolls. Rachel's is fine, but still, I'm pretty bad at it. Sorry, that does not make any sense.

Well, I have to go now, but I will finish the GOYTs in a few hours.


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