Monday, April 30, 2012

AG Store bound!!!

YAY!!! For my late b-day present, we are going to New York! We are going to the AG Store, other stores, and then we are going to see Wicked! I have never been to New York before, and I am REALLY exited! I will have some birthday money and some money from my bank account, so I can buy a few things. I am planning on buying My AG doll #25 with black/brown hair and brown eyes and a few outfits. I am just wondering... which doll should I bring with me? I am leaning towards McKenna ( because Julie's ears are already pierced and her hair would not be very much fun to style), But Julie has not been on many trips lately, I'm just worried that her hair will be in the way. And I might not even bring a doll, because I will be getting one and we might not have time to go to the Hair Salon, the Bistro, or the Picture Studio ( Is that what it's called?)
I am so exited and my dolls are too, because if one of them goes then I will take them everywhere as we will have no place to put them. I am going to put up a Poll with my question on it, so you can vote on which doll I should take with me to NYC. I also have taken some pictures of my dolls too, so you can see them. Oh, I just thought of another reason why J should go-her birthday is tomorrow! I will take a picture of her on her B-day, but Her party will be a week later (On my birthday!) Also ,my dog's and my mom's birthday are this month! Wow...

One of my options, although I'm more leaning toward McKenna because of this doll's hair...No offense Julie, but it looks like something is living in there.

McKenna in her new outfit that I got at the Washington DC Boutique and Bistro! Don't you love it? I do! I think McKenna might be a better traveling partner then Julie, mainly because she does not snore : )

No Doll
And the last option is no doll. Nada. Nip. Zilch. A big fat goose egg. As you can probably guess, I'm not crazy about this idea.

Make sure to cast your vote soon, before I go on the 20th! 

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