Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A craft made by me!!!

Hey!!! It is me again, with my second post today : ). I have really been wanting to share this craft that I made when I was first starting to get into AG. I will share a picture and then tell you how to make it. I really hope you like this craft, because I spent a lot of time and hard work making it!

The Dolly Closet

Okay, so this is an AG closet I made a while ago, out of a box that held boots. It was really fun to make and here is how I made it: You will need: a large shoe box or an American girl box, scissors, glue gun, fleece or cotton fabric, duck tape, and doll clothes and hangers ( I could not display many of my doll clothes because I did not have many hangers, but now I know how to make them out of wire). 

Step #1: cut a small strip out of the top of the box top and hot-glue it like in the picture ( I used tape, which is NOT a good idea if you want this to last). This will be the rod to hang clothes on. Step #2: cut a rectangle from the lid of the box that will fit in the box like my bench. Cover it with fabric and secure the bench with the glue gun. This will be your bench. Step #3: put all your doll clothes in the closet, and decorate the outside with duck tape if you want to. This is a very easy doll craft to make.
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