Friday, August 24, 2012

Julie's New Hair (Okay, not really new...)

So, remember how I have been complaining about how messy Julie's hair was ever since I started American Girl World? I had always wanted to do something about it, but I kept putting it off. I wanted to rewind her, but I had no idea how.  My mom suggested that we take her to the good ole' American Girl store to ask the workers at the Salon if we would have to send her in to the Doll Hospital to get her a new head, or if they could fix her hair. And............They did, in only an hour! We asked for her hair to be put in the traditional Julie hairstyle, with one braid on the side. And just to warn you, these photos are horrible, taken with an iPhone in the store's bad lighting, and really small.

Ugh. Fly aways everywhere.

And After.
Wow, these people work wonders!

It was really interesting watching them work on Julie's hair. First they spritzed her hair with water and brushed it out with a regular brush. Then they used a toothbrush on her hair (I hope it was clean. Julie does smell a bit minty...). They even trimmed her hair a little at the ends! I had once done that with Olivia, but never with an AG doll. It looked really great, and only cost 18 dollars. 

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