Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sneak Peek

I guess its that time of year already... boy, I'll miss summer so much. It's 90 degrees here and AG is already posting pics of dolls wearing snow coats and sledding. AG posted this on their Facebook page:

I'm already shivering... I like summer MUCH better then winter! And that's a really small lake : ) The chalet is cute, and I like the concept and the fact that AG has started making "rooms", like Caroline's,(Who, BTW, is coming in 4 DAYS!!!!) but it looks small and not very sturdy. And the bench is completely out of scale. Who uses a bench that only comes up to their knees? Cute concept, but it's not really working for me, ya know? The doll inside the chalet is adorable. Oh yeah, that's Chloe. She looks great in pigtails (goes upstairs and fiddles with Chloe's greasy hair for an hour, then accepts defeat.) How in the world does AG do it? The outfit she is wearing is not at all cute, however. It looks like her mom forced her to wear her older sister's coat and no shoes. Or are those shoes on the snowboard, which is adorable? Moving on. The outfit on the doll next to the chalet is really cute, but a little too white for my taste. It looks like she is wearing a sweater with her skirt, which is SOOO cute! I would just pair it with jeans and those boots and earmuffs, or maybe a jean skirt. And the doll next to her, either 27 or 22, wearing the adorable skating dress. Now, I don't know much about figure skating, but why is she wearing a performance dress on a frozen lake with her friend? Isn't it, like, for actual  performances?!! : ) But the cute doll with the short brown hair and side bangs has a much cuter outfit. It reminds me of the AG outfit with the blue shirt and grey pants. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather ice skate in that then a dress. My knees would get all bruised up, since I'm not very good at ice skating. Finally, I would like to say that AG's sets always amaze me. Snow and all the little tiny trees. It's so cool!!!!!

Sincerley, Addie 

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