Thursday, August 23, 2012

Katniss Barbie Doll and Decisions.

Hello everybody! I know, I said I wasn't going to leave for 2 weeks again. I went on vacation, and now, looking back,  I guess I should have said something. I'm really, really sorry. Ok, moving on. This is not really AG related, but I just got home. I will take some pictures for a longer post really.

A few months ago, I saw a picture of this doll, and I loved her so much. I had just finished reading the Hunger Games, and this doll is awesome. She has a new face mold instead of a regular barbie one, and her face is stunning. She is a pink label doll that will cost you 34.99 and will likely go for tons on Ebay after she is sold out. I guess I could buy her with the money I won in the lottery, but I am buying 28 or 40 (yaaaay!!!). But when I went to Toys R Us and saw her, she was not as awesome in person and I did not feel compelled to buy her. I mean, she was a pretty doll, but she did not look like Katniss, and I don't really like Barbies. I would have bought a Katniss. But not this doll. What I would love to do is make a custom Katniss doll, but I can't.

Ok, this is off topic, but which doll should I get, 40, 28, or Josefina? I love all of them, and they would all make my collection more unique. I will be putting up a poll, so please vote. Also, if you have these dolls, please tell me in the comments how you like them!!!



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